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Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate Lawyers in Bangkok & Thailand

Investing in real estate in Thailand is the dream of many people – whether for their own residential use or as an investment. But protecting a real estate asset in a foreign country such as Thailand, and ensuring its profitable use, requires competent legal and tax support.

As a business law firm, FRANK Legal & Tax has special expertise in real estate law and real estate business law. Our lawyers and tax advisors in Bangkok and Phuket advise companies, commercial investors and private individuals in all legal areas relating to real estate. This includes, in particular, consultations on legal restrictions related to foreign nationals as well as international tax law.

The real estate legal services we provide include:

Real Estate Due Diligence

Do you want more information about the land or property you intend to purchase in Thailand? The kind of information that will give you peace of mind? FRANK Legal & Tax real estate lawyers can prepare a thorough due diligence report for you concerning your intended purchase that will provide you with detailed information on the property. The report will include:

  • Real estate title search
  • Information about owners of adjacent land
  • Clarity about property boundaries, legal access rights, encumbrances, etc.
  • Summary information on pertinent building restrictions and zoning laws
  • Research into the sellers / developers of the real estate you are interested in buying.
  • Scans of title deeds, building permits and other related documents concerning that property (translated if necessary).

Contracts and Negotiations

Our lawyers will thoroughly examine any contracts associated with your real estate sale or purchase and advise of any possible contractual implications and obligations you need to be aware of. In particular:

  • Land purchase agreement
  • Registered, long term lease agreement
  • Short term rental agreement
  • Servitude agreement (right of way, etc.)
  • General contractor agreement and architect agreement
  • Usufruct and habitation right, etc.

Support regarding International Payments

Naturally, you will want a safe and reliable pair of hands when it comes to handling the often-substantial sums of money associated with real estate purchases and sales. The real estate lawyers at FRANK Legal & Tax can be relied upon to provide that service, ensuring payments are made on time, to facilitate the real estate selling or buying process.

Conveyancing, Registrations at the Competent Land Office

FRANK Legal & Tax lawyers can prepare the essential documents required for the conveyancing of the properties you are looking to purchase. Our aim is always to protect your legal rights, ensure you meet your legal obligations, and to push for a swift title transfer.

Taxation Advice

The real estate tax advice we can provide you is based on the comprehensive property tax expertise of our lawyers. Rely on us to advise you on the tax issues surrounding property investments, securitizations, capital allowances and other real estate related areas.

Representation in court proceedings

Our litigation and dispute resolution can represent you in

  • Breach of contract civil law suits
  • Disputes in condominium ownership

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Legal and tax advice, e.g. letter of intent, exclusivity agreements, share deal, asset deal as well as real estate due diligence.

Land Register & Land Register Inspection

We can access information in the official land registry for you on your behalf.

Real Estate Related Corporate Law

Drafting joint ventures, asset management property companies, family pool etc.

Real Estate in Marriage and Divorce

Our real estate desk provides family law advice and representation related to property.

Inheritance of Real Estate

Inheritance law and inheritance tax advice from the design to the settlement of the inheritance and administration of the estate.

Commercial Tenancy Law & Lease Law

Advice and representation of landlords and tenants.

Brokerage Law

Advice and representation of real estate agencies and contractual partners.

To hire an expert Real Estate lawyer, please contact Frank Legal & Tax via telephone +66 (0)2 026 3284 or Email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.