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  1. What Happens with my Non-B Visa if my Employment Ends?

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    A common question that we are frequently asked by clients who work in Thailand as foreigners and under a work permit, is whether their visa will expire if an employment in Thailand ends.

    In that respect it should be noted that although work permits are usually granted for a one-year term, their validity will be tied to the validity of the foreign national’s visa at that time. Therefore, a typical one year visa extension will expire within seven days after the work permit expires. However, a regular non-immigrant B visa (with 1 year duration but only 3 months permissions to stay) will not expire in this way but continue to be valid until its normal expiration date.

    After the visa is extended, the work permit will also be extended up to the expiration date of the current valid visa. Please note that work permits are usually extended every year.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries regarding visa and work permit matters.