The cabinet of Thailand has approved the new 10-Year EEC Visa to Boost Investment and Innovation 

May 24, 2024

New 10-year visa aims to attract top talent and foster growth in targeted industries within Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor

In order to enhance Thailand’s economic landscape, the cabinet has approved a special 10-year visa tailored for executives and experts working within the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). As we have discussed earlier, the initiative aims to attract specialists in targeted industries, supporting the development of key sectors in the country. The newly introduced EEC visa, announced after a mobile cabinet meeting in Phetchaburi, is designed to promote Thailand’s competitiveness by drawing in high-caliber talent.  

This visa will be valid for ten years and permits multiple entries and exits, with a stay duration linked to the holder’s employment contract. Initially, it allows entry and stays in Thailand for up to five years.

There will be four categories under the EEC visa: 

  • Specialists (EEC Visa “S”): For individuals with highly specialized skills in targeted sectors. 
  • Executives (EEC Visa “E”): For senior executives in companies operating within the EEC. 
  • Professionals (EEC Visa “P”): For professionals across various fields within the EEC. 
  • Spouses and Dependents (EEC Visa “O”): For family members of the above visa holders. 

One of the standout features of the EEC visa is the streamlined issuance of work permits, alleviating the traditional bureaucratic challenges faced by foreign investors. Additionally, the visa offers a favorable personal income tax rate of 17%, significantly lower than Thailand’s current maximum rate of 35%. The EEC visa focuses on both established and next-generation industries, including automotive, electronics, petrochemical, agriculture and food, and tourism. Emerging sectors targeted include automation and robotics, aerospace, digital, biotechnology, and medical and healthcare. The visa is particularly attractive to investors in the provinces of Rayong, Chonburi, and Chachoengsao, as well as peripheral areas of Bangkok and Samut Prakan. 

The EEC visa also offers extended validity up to ten years, flexible multiple-entry privileges, and online reporting processes. Holders benefit from dedicated expedited channels at international airports, ensuring efficient immigration procedures. The introduction of the EEC visa marks a strategic effort by Thailand to attract foreign expertise and investment, fostering growth in critical industries. This initiative is part of a broader trend of diversifying long-stay visa options to enhance Thailand’s economic dynamism and global competitiveness. The EEC visa, with its numerous benefits and targeted approach, is poised to significantly contribute to the nation’s development goals. 

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Andreas Seela  

Andreas, Associate at FRANK Legal & Tax, is a licensed German lawyer with expertise in corporate/commercial, real estate, and tax law, and has been living and working in Thailand since 2023. 


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