Corporate Social Responsibility

June 1, 2016

FRANK Legal & Tax has offset its Corporate Carbon Footprint 2015 by supporting Gold Standard high-quality carbon mitigation projects.


FRANK Legal & Tax takes on responsibility for climate protection and is a climate
neutral company. Together with the climate protection partner ARKTIK the CO2
emissions from its corporate activities were calculated and afterwards neutralized
by supporting Gold Standard carbon mitigation projects. To ensure complete
transparency of reported CO2 emissions, TÜV NORD (TN-CC 002) regularly validates
ARKTIK’s management and offset of carbon certificates.

With the offsetting of the CO2 emissions FRANK Legal & Tax supports the carbon mitigation project that promotes renewable energy from wind in Akbük, Turkey. Throughout this mitigation project 67,570 tons of CO2 are mitigated. The Akbük wind farm thereby produces clean electricity for about 35,000 Turkish households. All the carbon mitigation projects from ARKTIK comply with the WWF Gold Standard and their carbon mitigation is certified and controlled on-site by UN-recognized authorities. In addition to offsetting the carbon emissions, the Gold Standard projects always imply green development aid- by offering the chance to partake in green technologies and also by significantly improving the social and environmental conditions of the local population.


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