Energy & Renewable Energy

Energy & Renewable Energy

The FRANK Legal & Tax team has experience and expertise you can draw upon if and when you need advice and assistance regarding the planning of your energy project in Thailand. We take a particular interest in businesses working with renewable energy sources, such as biogas, biomass, RDF (refuse-derived fuel), solar, wind, hydro and marine.

Our knowledge of renewable energy sources allows us to provide high quality advice and legal assistance. We are familiar with the unique challenges posed by operating in the energy sector.

We understand the vital role your services play in supporting and influencing the world in which we live. And we are fully aware of all the associated legal complexities of the sector and its impact on the environment. So call on us if you need legal advice or expertise on any or all of the following:

Intellectual Property

In the energy field, there is probably nothing more coveted than intellectual property. New ideas and inventions can have a worldwide impact and the opportunity to generate high profits. So protecting them has to be a high priority for you. Hire us, and it will be a high priority for us too.

Legal documentation

We can draft, review and assess any legal documentation associated with your Energy project.


We can draft, review and assess any agreements you enter into from a legal standpoint.

Operations & Maintenance

We are ready to provide legal advice relating to the operation and maintenance of energy plants and services in Thailand and internationally.

For energy sector legal advice and assistance, please contact the FRANK Legal & Tax team by calling +66 (0)2 026 3284 or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.