Wills & Probate

Wills & Probate

Will and Probate Service in Bangkok & Thailand

Want to make a will, structure your assets, or get the succession planning for your business in good order? The FRANK Legal & Tax team is ready to offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of wills and probate, thanks to their in-depth knowledge of Thai inheritance law and international inheritance law.

Our services include:

Preparation and review of wills

Everyone who invests in Thailand, in particular in property, should have a Thai will in place in addition to the will in their home country. We are ready to assist you with the drafting of your will in Thailand and/or the checking of an existing last will and testament.

Business succession

Get help securing the future success of your business with a succession planning service from FRANK Legal & Tax. We will get to know your business and advise you on the best ways to plan for your retirement and organise the handover of your business to the next generation.  

Representation during probate

The process of dealing with the estate of someone who is deceased can be an emotionally draining process, especially when wills are contested. So it’s good to know that the FRANK Legal & Tax team are ready to represent you during probate, to ensure the best outcome for you.

Administration of estate

You can appoint us to administer your estate, so that the process of probate proceeds in the manner you would like in the event of your death, and that your estate is managed in the way you want after your death.

We are ready to help with your wills and probate legal requirements. Call the FRANK Legal & Tax team on +66 (0)2 026 3284 or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.