Visa / Work Permit for Foreigners with Thai Spouse

February 5, 2016

If a foreign employee is married to a Thai citizen, the foreigner may apply for a non-immigrant-O-visa (dependent visa) in Thailand. For the one-year extension of such visa, issued by the Immigration Office, in particular the following will be required:


  • Marriage certificate;
  • Evidence of income of not less than 400K/year, e.g. bank statement;
  • ID card of the spouse; and
  • Physical presence of the spouse.


The foreigner is then entitled to apply for a work permit under privileged conditions from the Department of Employment. For such work permit, in particular the following will be required with regards to the employer:


  • Capital of 1 Million THB for this foreigner and
  • 2 Thai staff employed for this foreigner.


There is no requirement for a non-immigrant-B-visa in connection with such work permit, the non-immigrant-O-visa is sufficient. However, if a non-immigrant-B-visa is preferred and applied for, please note that 2 Million THB capital are still required for such visa application.




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