IT, Software Development & E-Commerce

IT, Software Development & E-Commerce

We are ready to provide legal advice relating to a variety of IT, software development and e-commerce issues. Whether it’s a simple, generic agreement or something far more complex, you can rely on FRANK Legal & Tax to deliver the support and services that are essential to keeping this dynamic, fast-paced sector thriving.

Our services cover:

Drafting, review and assessment of software contracts and agreements

The small print can make a big difference to the nature of software contracts and agreements. So you will want lawyers with a keen eye for detail and experience of both writing, reviewing and assessing such contracts on your side. FRANK Legal & Tax are happy to help.

Board of Investment (BOI) applications and follow-up support

The Board Of Investment exists to promote foreign business investment in Thailand. If you need lawyers, who know all the laws that are designed to protect and promote you and your business, call FRANK Legal & Tax.

Legal assistance for IT projects

There is any number of reasons why you might need legal support for your IT project. It could relate to your need to bring in foreign talent. Or you might need help resolving a supplier dispute, or assistance drafting terms and conditions of usage. Whatever your requirements, the lawyers on the FRANK Legal & Tax team are here to help.

Licensing agreements

We can help you create and secure all kinds of licensing agreements relating to your IT projects.

Commercial and regulatory issues affecting new technology

With regulations in the IT arena constantly evolving to keep pace with the ever-changing nature of the industry, you will need lawyers on your side who’ve got their finger on the pulse regarding regulations that affect new technology.

Social media and user-generated content legal issues

There is a significant trend in getting product users to generate content for company social media channels. But this brings with it legal challenges relating to Intellectual Property and Copyright among others. We can help you navigate these.

Intellectual property legal support and protection

Often your creations are your company’s most significant assets. As with all assets, they need protecting. We have the legal expertise to do precisely that.

Domain name disputes, transfers, and portfolio management

Competition for domain names is becoming ever more fierce, with vast sums of money being paid for the most popular. Naturally, disputes arise. When they do, the FRANK Legal & Tax team can assist you.

Software copyright infringement

When a copyright is infringed, you need lawyers who can act fast to rectify the wrong. Contact FRANK Legal & Tax.

Data protection

There are all kinds of legal responsibilities and regulations that need to be adhered to in order to protect data online. It’s a subject that often grabs the headlines. We can help ensure that your company is doing all it can to protect its sensitive data.

Terms and conditions for websites and apps

While many visitors to a website or users of an app might be tempted to skip reading these, they are actually vital to any business with a presence on the internet or via apps. We are experts at drafting, reviewing and assessing the impact of these terms and conditions.

Regulatory compliance

We can help ensure sure you’re complying with the local regulations that affect your IT project.

Advice and legal expertise regarding cookie policies, acceptable usage policies, privacy policies, GDPR

Every company operating on the internet needs to ensure they adhere to these laws and regulations. Expert lawyers like those at FRANK Legal & Tax can guide you through the maze of requirements. 

E-commerce registrations and follow-up support

Let us assist you with setting up your e-commerce business. But don’t expect us to ride off into the sunset once you’re up and running, as we will work alongside you to provide support every step of the way along your road to success.

For legal assistance in the IT, software development and e-commerce sectors, please contact the FRANK Legal & Tax team by calling +66 (0)2 026 3284 or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.