Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Bangkok & Thailand

Our commercial litigation specialists offer a comprehensive, top-quality service for commercial disputes in Thailand and overseas. The team has experience in commercial law, in particular real estate law, and are equipped to handle even the most complex and wide ranging of commercial litigation cases.

The commercial litigation services we can offer you are:


The FRANK Legal & Tax commercial litigation lawyers are ready to assist in even the most complex of commercial disputes, ensuring they are familiar with all facets of your situation before entering into litigation, arbitration and/or negotiations on your behalf.

Strategic advice

If you are seeking advice on the best way to proceed in order to resolve your commercial dispute, call on the expertise of the FRANK Legal & Tax commercial litigation lawyers. We will advise on the most effective, least disruptive way forward for you and your business.

Out-of-court negotiations

Often, both parties in a commercial dispute would rather find an out-of-court settlement. We can help you pursue this avenue, through the provision of effective mediation, arbitration and conciliation services.

In-court representation

If you require an expert legal team to represent you at a court or tribunal hearing, we can help. Our goal will always be to serve your best interests and find the best, most cost-effective solution to any commercial dispute.

Enforcement of successful judgments

Our work does not stop after a judgment has been delivered. We continue to provide support and advice to ensure fast, effective enforcement of your claims, if necessary by way of compulsory enforcement.

Corporate litigation

When all other options have been exhausted, and litigation is the only way forward, our commercial litigation lawyers are ready to resolve matters. We thrive on the challenge of achieving a positive outcome for you, regardless of the complexities of your case.

Real estate title disputes

Real estate commercial litigation is our specialty here at FRANK Legal & Tax. So when a title dispute arises in Thailand or overseas, contact us first.

Breaches of sale and purchase agreements

When the terms of contracts are breached, you’ll need the legal know-how of the FRANK Legal & Tax team on your side to ensure you get a fair result.

Construction disputes

To assist you most effectively, we get to know your objectives and the nature of the dispute before recommending the most cost-effective solution to your construction dispute.

Real estate management disputes

Whether the real estate dispute is related to mismanagement, ineffective management or another reason, our team of experienced lawyers will cut through the complexities and develop solutions aimed to resolve the conflict amicably.

Breach of agreement

If a party has breached a real estate agreement, our lawyers will seek to remedy the situation and ensure you receive full compensation.

Second opinions

Need the reassurance of a second opinion regarding a commercial dispute? Or maybe you’re looking for a different interpretation of the facts? Either way, our commercial litigation lawyers will be happy to consider all the facts of your case and deliver a timely, cost-effective solution.

Translations of court documents

When you need court documents to be accurately translated, we are specialists at providing the following legal translation services:

  • Thai to English
  • English to Thai
  • German to English
  • English to German
  • German to Thai
  • Thai to German

If you are embroiled in a legal dispute which cannot be resolved to your satisfaction by negotiations alone, it may be necessary for you to enter into litigation to find a solution. We are ready to help you to enforce your claims or to protect you against unjustified claims.

To hire commercial litigation lawyers in Thailand, please contact Frank Legal & Tax by calling +66 (0)2 026 3284 or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.