Market Entry & Licensing

Market Entry & Licensing

Market Entry Lawyers in Bangkok & Thailand

Are you a foreign investor looking for experienced lawyers to assist your entry into the Thai market? Perhaps you represent a business aiming to secure a license for operations in Thailand? At FRANK Legal & Tax, our team of market entry and licensing lawyers have the expertise to provide you with a comprehensive range of legal advice and support services.

Whether you need help during the planning stage of your investment or throughout your day-to-day business activities, we are prepared to help you. The services we provide include:

Board of Investment (BOI) applications

The Board Of Investment (BOI) exists to promote foreign business investment in Thailand. If you need lawyers who know all the laws that are designed to protect and promote you and your business, call FRANK Legal & Tax.

We can assist you with your application, using our knowledge of the BOI and our personal contacts. We can also advise about Visas, Work Permits, Thai land ownership law plus your exemption from Corporate Income Tax.

Company incorporation

Without the expertise of a legal firm that can communicate in Thai, registering your company in Thailand can be complicated and time-consuming. Trust FRANK Legal & Tax lawyers to manage the process on your behalf, taking care of all the legalities involved with company incorporation in Thailand.


We provide legal advice and assistance across the full spectrum of licensing requirements for businesses looking to move into the Thai market.

Representative Office

There are many legal requirements associated with setting up a Representative Office of your business in Thailand. The lawyers at FRANK Legal & Tax are aware of the licences, certificates, letters, reports and other documents required and can help you get your office established in Thailand.

US-Thai Amity Treaty companies

If you’re a US investor looking to establish and run a business in Thailand, you will want to draw on our expertise and knowledge when it comes to the US-Thai Amity Treaty. We’ll advise you about shares and the exemptions from foreign investment restrictions that you will qualify for.

Industrial Estates

We can help with the full range of legal issues and requirements associated with setting up, maintaining or managing a production plant on an industrial estate in Thailand.

Tax efficient structuring

We will help you review your existing tax arrangements, and plan for the future, ensuring your business adheres to all relevant legislation. Of course, we will take your commercial aims and ambitions into account, listening closely to your requirements before recommending the most tax efficient structuring for you.

To hire an expert market entry and licensing lawyer, please contact Frank Legal & Tax via telephone +66 (0)2 026 3284 or Email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.