Tax Advisory & Structuring

Tax Advisory & Structuring

Should you require advice on tax matters relating to Thailand or on an international scale, the FRANK Legal & Tax team has expertise which covers the full range of national and international tax law. We specialise in developing innovative, tailored tax solutions for complex structures through a service provided by talented and dedicated tax lawyers in Thailand.

The tax services we provide include:

Advice on transactional tax issues

We dedicate our thorough understanding of Thailand’s taxation systems to helping clients achieve their business objectives, always looking to maximise the benefits while minimising the tax liabilities.

Tax efficient structuring of real estate developments

Employing tax efficient structuring during the development of all kinds of real estate can really pay off in the long run. Our lawyers have the knowledge and ability to consider your unique situation and recommend the best tax efficiencies for you.

International tax law

Naturally, tax laws vary by territory, and knowing the differences is key to being able to offer clients an accurate and effective cross-border tax service, exactly what the lawyers at FRANK Legal & Tax are in a position to provide.

Offshore taxation

The tax knowledge of the FRANK Legal & Tax team isn’t limited to Thailand. Our knowledge of the complexities of all kinds of offshore taxation systems can really benefit our clients.


We can ensure you are complying with the taxation legislation that affects your real estate in Thailand and overseas.

To call on the tax law expertise of the Frank Legal & Tax team, phone +66 (0)2 117 9131 or email [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.