Update on Thai Labor Law Protection Act

A new amendment for the Labor Law Protection Act has been announced in the Government Gazette on 5 April 2562 and the Act will come into force 30 days after its publication in the Gazette.

The amendments introduce additional rights for employees, such as:

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Update on Smart Visa Program

The Thai Government has taken a series of efforts in driving the economy through innovation and attracting highly skilled talents (Smart T), investors (Smart I), executives (Smart E) and startup entrepreneurs (Smart S) in its targeted industries – the so-called S-Curve industries – to Thailand. Therefore, the Smart Visa program was launched, which offers some significant benefits for the applicant, like no necessity for a work permit (even for spouse and children), no 90 days report and no requirement for a re-entry permit. While it went viral quickly, the number of applicants was low, as its conditions were hard to reach. To raise attractiveness and practical relevance of the program, the BOI has now updated the criteria for the Smart Visa program on December 24th, 2018, just 9 months after the program was launched. The main changes are shown as follows:

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Update on Proposed New Taxes

According to media reports, the Finance Minister Mr. Sommai Phasee stated that the new inheritance and gift tax is expected to be submitted for the cabinet’s approval on this November 2014 and should be enforced in the year 2015. Please see his following information below:

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