Education license

July 27, 2016

Education license for institution:

Under the Private School Act, B.E. 2550, private schools and institutions that are responsible for so-called “fundamental education” must obtain an education license prior to starting operations. A private school is private educational establishment providing formal or non-formal education.

The location of the school is important in establishing whether a private school requires a license. In this point, a seminar that is held consistently in the same specific place and contains fundamental teaching courses may be deemed as the institution of a private school.

Seminars that are set occasionally in varying places such as hotel convention rooms are not considered fundamental education.


Education license for teacher and education personnel:

Also teachers and education personnel may require a teaching license personally, as the professional license. Such licenses are often required due to the responsibility involved with educating, supporting and supervision in an education institution.

The Teacher and Education Personnel Act. B.E. 2546 provides for the following four types of professions that need a license of operation:

  1. Teacher;
  2. Education Institution Administrator;
  3. Education Administrator; and
  4. Other Education Personnel.

The aforementioned professions will need a teaching license only in a fundamental school or institution that includes teaching courses lower than university or college level.


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