New Fees for Business Registration

June 15, 2018

The former process of business registration was considered as complex and unclear. The new regulation enhances the system and brings benefits to the applicant. It helps to save costs and strengthen the competitiveness. The additional possibility of e-Registration provides savings up to 30%, it saves time and is an easy method to register the new business.

While the former rates were not specified, and a moving scale was used as a guideline the new rates stipulate a fixed sum for Incorporation, Alteration, Dissolution and Liquidation. So, if you want to start a business the following flat rates will apply:

  • Incorporation of Partnership: THB 1000, e-Registration: THB 700
  • Incorporation of Limited Company within the same day: THB 5500, e-Registration: THB 3850
  • Alteration of Partnership, Limited Company, Increase Partnership capital made up of contributions,
    Increase limited company’s capital: THB 500 / time, e-Registration: THB 350
  • Dissolution and Liquidation: THB 500, e-Registration: THB 350
  • other registrations: THB 500 / time, e-Registration: THB 350

Note that special Development Areas can request a reduction by half from the new rates. But, another reduction within the e-Registration is not provided. The new fee system simplifies the registration process and ensures transparency. It is a welcomed change and encourages starting a business in Thailand.


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