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  1. New Practice of Immigration Office

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    The Thai Immigration Office has issued a new form called “Record of Foreigner Information” which we show in the scan below. Every foreigner must complete this form and attach a photo as a part of the 90 days report, visa application, re-entry permit at the Immigration Office and One Stop Service Center (Chamchuree Square) from now on. Foreign nationals residing in Thailand are being asked to disclose personal information to the government, including social media accounts, their bank details and where they spend their leisure time.


    Record of Foreigner Information_Page_1Record of Foreigner Information_Page_2Record of Foreigner Information_Page_3

  2. Thailand Immigration confirms new overstay rules are now official

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    The website of the Thailand Immigration Bureau in Bangkok has on 22nd July 2014 posted a new announcement regarding its rules for overstay. Today’s announcement is further confirmation on the proposed crackdown on foreigners overstaying in Thailand, which was reported earlier this month.The announcement which is written in both English and Thai details the penalties for overstay as follows:


    It should also be noted that the new rules as detailed above confirm the removal of the proposed lifetime ban for overstaying 10 years or more, which was reported earlier.


    Source : www.ThaiVisa.com