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  1. Two Months Deadline For Unlicensed Hotel In Phuket

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    Unlicensed hotel in Phuket were given a deadline to do the required registrations before 31st January 2017 by Chokchai Dejamornthan, Phuket Governor. If they do not comply, owners may have to confront legal action.
    Mr. Chokchai also said that according to Provincial Administration’s information there are only 424 licensed hotels in Phuket while an estimation of 1,366 illegal hotels are currently under operation. The Phuket Provincial Administration gives an opportunity for unlicensed hotels to submit application together with the supporting documents at district office within 2 months. After expiration of this deadline, such hotels will be closed by Phuket Provincial Administration.
    During a public meeting with government officials it was announced that the crackdown would be starting from 1st December 2016. The main targets are residential properties such as apartments or condominiums who rent out daily accommodations for tourists and the main reason is due to the high increase of rentals through AirBnB.

  2. New 6-months tourist visa begin Nov 13, but limit stays

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    From November 13th 2015 onwards the new tourist visa will be available. The new regulation allows tourists a six months visa. Tourists are granted multiple entries during this six months period, for up to 60 days per stay.

    Currently travelers can obtain only three re-entry permits with a tourist visa. But this new visa type will have no restrictions as to the number of re-entries, as long as a stay do not exceed 60 days.

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