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    A company stamp or company seal is the official seal used by a company. Company seals are not used in every country, but they are predominant in certain common law jurisdictions and in many jurisdictions of Asia. In Thailand, a company seal is used by practically every registered company.

    Affixing the seal has a specific legal significance. Affixing a company seal signifies an act of the company and is a clear indication of authorization under the company’s bylaws. While Thai law (in particular the Civil and Commercial Code) does not force a company to use a company seal, the company may set this forth during the registration of the company, and this may then be stipulated in the company affidavit. Registered companies in Thailand frequently specify in the company affidavit that the the company is legally bound by affixing the director’s signature along with the company seal.

    If the company has set forth such a method of authorization, but the document e.g. has only the signature of the director and is lacking the company stamp, then the document is not binding for the company.

    The appearance of the seal must follow laws and regualtions as well: it should include the company name in Thai (and additionally in English or another language if that is desired). Furthermore, it must show any suffixes related to the form of the company (such as Co., Ltd. or Company Limited). It may include a picture or symbol as well, but this is not a requirement.

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