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  1. Temporary Work Permit

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    In certain cases, business requires to second foreign staff to Thailand on a short-term or urgent basis. They may then apply for a temporary work permit to perform urgent and necessary duties. The application for this kind of work permit should be finished within a period of 15 days. A work related to administration, academic matters and unlimited period is not considered as “necessary and urgent work”, except in a case where damage may be incurred if the work is not performed in time.


    Please see the following list of required documents for a temporary work permit application:

    1. Completed Form W.P.10 and one photograph (3 x 4 cm.) plus one copy
    2. Letter showing the reason why applicants need to perform urgent and necessary duties such as invitation letter and agenda etc.;
    3. A copy of the passport (the pages showing the photo and entry VISA);
    4. A copy of the company registration of the Thai employer (updated within six months) and a copy of its VAT registration. The Form Phor Por 01 identifying the type of business, which is certified by the authorized director of the employer;
    5. A copy of the employer’s work permit, in case he is a foreigner. If that employer is not working in Thailand or has no work permit, Power of Attorney certified by Notary Public and Thai Embassy is required.
    6. In case of Thai employer, a copy of employer’s l.D. card.
    7. Power of Attorney from the foreign employee (applicant) and the employer with 10 Baht stamp duty affixed and a copy of the attorney’s I.D. card (if applicant and employer are unable to apply in person).

    Regarding the requirement of work permit in urgent case (work permit for 15 days), it is the same to normal work permit, means that the authorized capital has to reach 2 million, and also 4 Thai permanent staffs per 1 foreign employee.

    One significant advantage of the temporary WP is the fast process: if the applicant applies for a temporary work permit, the process should take only 1 working day (if the application is correct and complete), while for a normal WP the process usually takes at least 5 working days to proceed.