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  1. BOI Encourages More Tourism Investments

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    Mr. Udom Wongwiwatchai, Secretary General of the Board of Investment (BOI), revealed that the agency is currently talking with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports on ways to improve investment strategy to benefit the tourism industry. He said an emphasis will be given to tourism clusters to make sure the overall development will cater to the right tourist segments.

    According to the Secretary-General, 8 tourism clusters have been targeted for promotion because of their potentials. They are: the Lanna and upper-northern civilization cluster, the eco-tourism based world heritage cluster, the lower northeastern civilization cluster, the Mekong River lifeline cluster, the central river basins cluster, the active beach cluster, the royal coast cluster, and the ocean cluster.

    Mr. Udom mentioned that the BOI used to place its priority on tourism, but the campaign did not receive much attention from investors, as 80% of investments seeking promotional privileges were related to hotel-related businesses worth around 80 billion baht.

    He said the BOI would employ investment mechanism to pinpoint tourism clusters and bring added values to the tourism industry. The Secretary General was confident that tourism investments would become greater once promotional strategy on major and supporting tourism segments becomes clear-cut.

    Secretary General Udom also said the new National Investment Plan scheduled to take effect on January 1st, 2015, may be delayed until a new government is formed. The BOI deems that problems may ensue if the plan is being implemented without support from a stabilized administration.


    Source : NNT