Work Permit Extension under the Emergency Decree on Foreign Employment Management B.E. 2560

On the 10th of May 2018, the Department of Employment (DoE) has published a letter to address the scope of the Work Permit under the Emergency Decree on Foreign Employee Management B.E. 2561 (the “Decree 2018”). It especially elucidated the question whether a foreigner who has been granted a Work Permit once is able to work in another type of work, for another employer, at another workplace or work condition in Thailand.

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Visa and Work Permit under the BOI Scheme

Since 15th June 2016, it is possible for foreigners to obtain a visa (extension of stay) and work permit in Thailand for a period of two years, under the Board of Investment (BOI) or the Industrial Estate Authorized Thailand (IEAT) schemes. In specific cases, a period of even four years may be granted.

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Purchaser Protection under the Thai Land Development Act

It is a rather unknown fact among foreign property purchasers, in particular in tourist resort destinations in southern Thailand, that Thai property law sets forth a strict regime for development of real estate projects. One significant piece of legislation in this context is the Land Development Act, B.E. 2543 (2000) (hereinafter referred to as “LDA”).

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